10-Team Division: How The 2020 MLB Season Would Turn Out

10-Team Division: How The 2020 MLB Season Would Turn Out

At this point, the MLB has to face reality: The 2020 MLB season can never maintain the standard of its previous seasons. The league has to resort to new venues, host fewer matches, and pick alternative dates to crown the champions this year.

The MLB currently eyes three hubs located in Phoenix, Arizona; Arlington, Texas; and St. Petersburg, Florida to host the matches. The locations are promising. And if approved, the league could assign 10 teams per location and split up the divisions to place related teams in one area. East, Central, and West teams need to play in one area.

To test the success rate of this setup, here’s what would it look like:

Overall Logistics

  • Every team can still play 100 regular-season games if the campaign begins in July.
  • From each division, the top four teams qualify for the postseason, while a  total of 12 teams compete in the next stage of the tournament.
  • Depending on the winning percentage, the four best teams receive their first-round byes.
  • Meanwhile, the bottom eight playoff teams enter into four one-game playoffs or four Wild Card Games.
  • Playoff matches follow a BO5 and consecutive BO7 series.

Eastern Teams

In the East, three teams are tied for the final playoff spot before the hiatus: the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Yankees, and the Washington Nationals. The Phillies claimed the spot, so they’re currently the number one bet on the playoffs. Aside from the powerhouse teams, fans and analysts are also eyeing the developments of Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Tampa Bay Rays.

Central Teams

Over in the Central, fans still mourn the poor tournament run of the Chicago Cubs. The Minnesota Twins, one of the top-favorites, also finished under but able to qualify for the playoffs. Offseason aggressive teams Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds, meanwhile, finished at least a handful of games that might lead them to the next round.

What gets everyone excited is the roster of four playoff and powerhouse teams from the Central Conference: Cleveland, St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Western Teams

Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Angels were head to head for the final two postseason spots in the division, but the Angels and Astros ended up clinching the spot. The two teams were then joined in the postseason by Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres.