A First Look At The Revised And Finalized MLB 2020 Schedule

A First Look At The Revised And Finalized MLB 2020 Schedule

Baseball is back. The MLB finally revealed the revised and final 60-game schedule for its 2020 regular season. Starting this week and until September 27, participating MLB teams will compete for this year’s title and conclude the postponed season. Hence, expect Bitcoin sportsbooks to house the latest MLB odds once again after a lengthy hiatus.

Here’s the complete breakdown of the 60-game schedule:

40 divisional games (20 home, 20 road)

  • 10 games against all opponents split between three series
  • Each matchup features one team either playing seven home games and three road games or six home games and four road games.

20 Interleague games (10 home, 10 road)

  • Six games against the team’s original interleague rival. The set consists of three home games and three road games
  • Four games per set against two other opponents in the corresponding division. The set contains two home games and two road games.
  • One three-game home series against the team’s fourth opponent
  • One three-game road series against the team’s fifth opponent

Each team will have six off-days, except for the four teams who already began their opening plays for the season last week. They will have seven apiece.

The revised schedule, according to MLB, will put emphasis on the intradivision matchups. In the standard 162-game schedule of MLB, the set consists of 47% team games. Now, it rises to 67% to easily determine the best teams of the season. A team usually plays six or seven games each against 10 opponents outside its division. This time, the teams won’t face each other in 2020 until the postseason series.

Other striking changes in the 62-game schedule is the interleague pairings. All pairings are different, except for each team’s original interleague rivalry matchup. The original pairing goes like this: AL Central vs. NL West, AL West vs. NL East.

The MLB might allow audience attendance soon, but it depends on the current and future situation. In the meantime, the league encourages fans to take note of the schedule’s highlights:

August 13: Major League Baseball is still coming to Iowa this year.

August 16: Major League Baseball will honor the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues.

August 28: Rescheduled date for the annual Jackie Robinson Day.

September 9: Roberto Clemente Day will be celebrated across MLB.

September 27: Regular-season finals.