Decimal, Fractional And US Odds

Decimal Fractional and US odds

The number one lesson our MLB betting guide pages teach is to make the best picks and beat the odds. Even if its Decimal, Fractional, and US odds, you have to overcome every single one to seal the win. With that, you have to know how to identify the odds with the best betting values in the market. This calls for knowledge of computing the odds and trying to pinpoint the differences between them.

Sports betting requires a solid understanding of how odds work—especially the commonly used ones on betting sportsbooks: Decimal, Fractional, and US odds. This element is the most important tool needed to make accurate Bitcoin MLB betting predictions and to determine if your bet has value. Betting odds reflect the probability or chance that a specific result is going to happen. But apart from predicting outcomes, a betting odds determine how much money a bettor can win if the bet is right. In summary, you can either use sports betting odds to compute your total payouts or to test the probability of an outcome.


MLB betting is hugely popular in America as the sport originated in the country. But since the practice is widely popular and accepted across the globe thanks to the emergence of Bitcoin sportsbooks, more options are presented to bettors. However, you have to remember these sportsbooks do not follow the same standard when it comes to displaying odds; hence, we share with you the important points and information that each one bears.  The three main types are Decimal or European, Fractional or British, and US odds.

The probability of an outcome result given by Decimal, Fractional, and US odds have no difference. The numerical representations of each one are the determining factor. It is useful for a bettor to know how to read, differentiate, and convert these odds.

Decimal odds – Betting sites from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada often use decimal odds. Many bettors and countries prefer to use decimal odds over the other two since it’s easier to read, understand, and calculate. It shows the odds and the amount a bettor can win for every unit or currency stake right away.

Fractional odds – A majority of British and Irish sportsbooks are fond of using Fractional odds, but you can still encounter these on popular sportsbooks as a high number of bettors also prefer it. A fractional odds representation shows the amount you can win on the numerator (the first number) against every bet you wager on the denominator (the second number).

US odds – As the name suggests, US odds are more commonly used in the United States. US Odds represent the favored team and the underdog’s chance of winning the game. The odds for the favored team contains the negative (-) sign and the amount of bet you need to place in order to win 100 mBTC, while the odds for the underdog contains a positive (+) sign and the total amount you will win for every 100 mBTC bet. The amount 100 mBTC varies per sportsbook.

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