Point Spread

Point spread

MLB betting an all-encompassing activity that involves excitement, challenges, and rewards. The game became twice as thrilling when Bitcoin MLB betting entered the picture and revolutionized the entire sports betting industry in one blink. As a result, online bookmakers made their services even more competitive and bettors established more effective strategies. To help you keep up with these trends and developments, our MLB betting guide now involves an introduction to point spread betting, an effective way to beat the odds.

Point spread is considered to be one of the most effective and popular sports bet. It is used by both beginners and seasoned bettors alike as it can automatically level the playing field for everyone. Online sportsbooks offer these bets when the teams competing are not evenly matched, so they open a median between the favorite team and the underdog to generate an equal interest from the bettors. Moreover, it also reveals the probability or total number needed by the favorite team to defeat the underdog. Bettors who now bet on the favored team will get a smaller payout, while bettors who bet on underdogs are subject to larger payouts.


If the favored team attracts a lot of fans and bettors during the bet, the outcome may hurt a sportsbook’s earnings. Vice versa, if the favorite team happens to lose the game, many bettors will lose. This is where point spread enters the scene–to even out the game. The favored team or the “chalk” has a represented odd highlighted with a minus (-) sign, while the underdog has the plus (+) sign odd representation.

Everyone participating point spread betting can now expect the favored team to give them high number of points, ensure a sure-win outcome, and generate more confident bets. The underdogs, in contrast, should exceed the expectations of bettors and the odds given by the oddsmaker to attract more bets and balance the entire competition. Both sides should be equal in nature.

As for the odds attached to the point spread, it represents the possible payout of your bets. They are numerically represented in a 50:50 ratio to balance the competition between the favored team and the underdog. The middle number or “the hook”, on the other hand, express the point spread in 0.5 decimal. If one team has a handicap of -2 goals and then won the game by 2 goals, the game is draw. But if the goal is 2.5, there can be no draw due to the 0.5 hook.

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