MLB Prioritizes ‘Arizona Plan’ For The 2020 Season

MLB Prioritizes 'Arizona Plan' For The 2020 Season

Arizona opens its doors to the MLB 2020 season. Dubbed as the ‘Arizona Plan’, the MLB is reportedly considering the offer of the Arizona government to host the return of the season in an empty stadium.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey addressed the public regarding the plan last Tuesday. Ducey revealed that he’s been meeting with the commissioner of the MLB: “I have had discussions with the commissioner of Major League Baseball…While I want to hold the content of those discussions in confidence, I just want everyone to know that Arizona, at the right time, is very open-minded to hosting whatever Major League Baseball would like from the state, at the time that it would be appropriate for public health if Arizona were in a position to reopen.”

Arizona is the most feasible plan as of the moment, but it’s far from perfect. The league has to consider the logistics and the local derivatives of the teams and players. The plan requires different levels of restrictions and economies.

Nonetheless, the state is willing to host 30 MLB teams if the league and health experts approve the plan. The size of the training facilities in Arizona is one of the key characteristics the MLB is looking for in a venue. Arizona has 10 spring training parks, excluding the Diamondbacks’ Chase Field that features a retractable roof and several college facilities. Based on the number and locations of the venues, the MLB is also laying down contingency plans for all teams based in the Phoenix area.

Aside from the Arizona plan, the MLB also looks into the “Cactus and Grapefruit League” plan. Although arguably less feasible, the plan is actually more flexible. It will open team-owned sites for training by cancelling the National League and American League in 2020, which effectively takes away MLB Bitcoin odds markets but will lessen the chances of having no odds at all. The division of teams and matches are realigned based on the geography of the spring training homes: North, South, East, Northeast, West, and Northwest. If approved, the plan would allow teams playing for the states of Florida and Arizona to visit their spring training sites and conduct a three-week training before the season begins.