What is Bitcoin

What Is Bitcoin: Learn & Understand The Power Of The Cryptocurrency

Over the past few years, countless people have been asking what is Bitcoin and how can it be used for investments, betting, shopping, and other transactions. The number of clueless investors and cryptocurrency newbies have only grown as the years go by, so BetMLB.eu has deemed it necessary to tell everyone what is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was conceptualized and launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009, yet it already earned a position as the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency in the market right now. It’s main selling point? Decentralization. Bitcoin is the first-ever mode of payment that allows peer-to-peer electronic transactions. No middlemen, banks, or governments can take part in your transactions, let alone a portion of your digital funds. Without the existence of third parties, Bitcoin facilitates transactions with the aid of a Bitcoin wallets. Buying, selling, and other transactions will be recorded in the public ledger, which anyone can view. This gives Bitcoin transparency unlike any other, but utilizes state-of-the-art technology to protect users’ funds and ongoing transactions.


Knowing what is Bitcoin is just the start of this lesson, and serves as the foundation of every bettor who wants to make the most of Bitcoin payments. It’s also important to understand how to buy and sell bitcoins and how to spend bitcoins, but the first step before going to the next level is to know features and payment properties.

Anonymity – The first and foremost reason why everybody loves Bitcoin is anonymity. A user’s Bitcoin wallet has a special and unique encryption that only the owner can know. The account or other accounts  associated with it will not require personal information. You can enjoy Bitcoin MLB betting right away, and that is one of the many aspects that draw more interest towards the sport and Bitcoin betting.

Speed and Consistency – The fast transactions alone Bitcoin provides is a score compared to fiat currencies. It can reach anyone in the world as long as they have connection to the Internet and a functioning Bitcoin wallet. Deposits, transfers, and withdrawals only take minutes or hours once confirmed. It is the quickest way to send funds, and is huge advantage in online betting.

Data Protection – The workings behind Bitcoin is complex, protected by layers and layers of security. It’s nearly impossible for hackers and identity thieves to outsmart the system. The power of the blockchain ensures that all transactions stored and recorded in the public ledger are far from the hands of threat.

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